Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The dreaded first post

Pinned ImageAm I the only one who freezes up when they see a new, clean, white sheet of paper? My hands start to shake and I worry if what I'm writing is good enough for this paper or in this case post. Ack! But you aren't here for some rambles from a low self esteem girl. No! If you have found this blog then you are either:
1.) An artist or writer; I don't care what kind, I welcome all.
2.) A tea lover; though I will except coffee lovers, even though tea is so much better.
3.) Someone who enjoys sweets; not just the edible kind, anything that makes you smile which how I'm going to get away with posting half the things that I will post beside my artwork.
4.) any combination of the three things listed or you are one of my freinds that I blackmailed to follow me, that way I don't feel so lonely starting out.
About me: Jack of all trades, but when it comes to the arts, I perfer jewerly making. Freshman at Penn State going into biology (I'm a geek, nerd or whatever you what to call me). The rest you, dear readers, will figure out in future posts if you dare to continue to read, please do.