Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Planing out a design and on a side note: what inspires you.

My blog post for Artisan Whimsy:

First off let me state this,when I started out creating jewelry I rushed out and bought a ton of magazines and trolled websites such as Etsy. And so I started to develop and learn. I had so much fun that I continued despite having no clue or guidance, no knowledge or ability to see what worked and what didn't. Eventually I found my aesthetic, or 'voice'.  However, I continue to see exciting artists who do something that makes my ears perk up and my muse say "I wanna do that!" It keeps me energized and full of ideas, and keeps this fun. When asked where their inspiration comes from, people always say, among other things, "from everyday life." What a maddeningly tired answer. It has been studied (citation needed, I know) and it turns out that artists get most of their inspiration from other artists! Why else would we spend 10 hours a day combing through the internet? So that means when people say they get inspiration from everyday life, they're actually stealing a line they got from interviews of other artists! Mind-boggling. 
Anyways, for me planning out a design can go two ways after inspiration hits; there is exhibit A when I actually plan out my design in one of my many sketch books (My artwork and jewelry designs tend to blend together...) and then there is exhibit B in which I just sit down with a pile of beads and wire, look at it and say what the hell can I make with this?! or when an idea just pops into my head. I have found myself going done this road more and more. But the times that I do plan it all out I end up making changes to the design half way though, somethings on paper don't work out in reality. What about everyone here? Are you exhibit A or B? Or just a combination of both? Or even *gasp* something different?

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  1. Hi Zoe, I am definitely in Camp B---I really do get inspiration from all the wonderful artists I see on Etsy, Artisan Whimsey, blogs, and magazines. But being fairly new at this, I see a design, think "I can do that", start out, and something happens! You are right---halfway through I decide to go a different direction and redo everything I've just done. I rarely sketch things out that have survived the actual creation. It's serendipity---it just seems to come together the way it's supposed to be. At least, I'm usually pretty happy with the final product. That was a great question!