Monday, September 17, 2012

20 Year Celebration Tea Party

This weekend I headed home, it's such a pain driving the three hours back and forth. But my my mom had promised me tea. So have tea will travel. Down in Volant, Pa there is a shop called The Kitchen Shoppe that normally does a traveling tea party, that I couldn't go to this year because of school. But last Saturday they are holding a 20 year celebration tea party. There is also a bead store down there called Beyond Beads, which when I'm home I try to make a stop to see what new things that she got in.

Anyways I'm rambling, tea started off with baked grapefruit toped with cinnamon. Also we were served mimosas. For legal reasons, I didn't drink any at all, nope not even a drop. ;)
Followed by the tea, it's made by The Republic of Tea, celebrating their 20 year anniversary. It's a blend of Ceylon black tea leaves and white wine grapes for a touch of sweetness. Also the tea is infused with the essence of champagne. It was very good, I got the last can of it. :)

It was served with homemade, cheesy herb baked eggs and old-fashioned coffee cake. It was a nice break from studying and catching up with my mom. Even it has only been 3 weeks since we last saw each other.
Beads tomorrow hopefully, I have 2 exams to study for.  Both Bio and Chem, no surpise there.


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