Friday, September 28, 2012

Cold, Wet and Rainy

On days like this I just want to stay in my dorm with tea and a book(or beads). But I have to drag my butt to class. Thank god for travel mugs. Once again I must apologize for lack of beads, it's been a busy and hectic week. Now, normally I would work on pieces during the weekend but it's parents and famlies weekend here at Penn State. Which means I will showing my parents around, but good news is that I will not be paying for my own dinners. (I love my parents, trust me)

In other news, anyone watch Elementary on CBS last night? A bunch of us got together for tea and cookies and watched it. Personally, I thought that it wasn't bad, it just not Sherlock Holmes. I still prefer BBC's Sherlock. *mind wanders*

I would love to own a shirt with the picture above on it.

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, I'm so glad I followed and subscribed to you. You and I seem quite alike. LOL

    That shirt would be AWESOME ^.^

    I, too, prefer BBC's Sherlock Holmes-There really isn't anything that compares in my opinion.

    Enjoy your parents and families weekend!!