Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UFO Invasion

 Run for the hills! They have landed! Now one is safe and...ok, I got carried away with the army guys and picmonkey.(google it)  Anyway's we all know that if aliens landed in these spaceships, they would be as cute as them and peaceful. I personally, am looking for a blue box....*cough*moving on!

So I did end up making necklaces with the lampwork spaceships, as you can see. I wanted them to be the focal of the piece, so I stuck with copper chain and placed a few "moon rocks" (Pyrite) up one side of the necklace. The head pins that I ended up using, cause the ships to look like they are blasting off when you wear them. Heading unknown parts of the universe.
All the necklaces length's are between 11-12 inches.

I took lots of pictures this time.... is it too much?


  1. Those are so CUTE!

    Oh man, I have to giggle at the pictures with the little army men ^.^

    I love the colors in all the focals, too; hopefully the peaceful aliens are just as colorful :)

  2. Amazing beads, Zoe... love your photo stylings, too. Hope you're not superstitious: I am follower #13!

  3. Oh, cool... my captcha included the number 13!