Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Something simple, sort of.

I finished the necklace that I have been working on this week. I call it "plastic tears"... for now, I might change that. It sounded better in my head. Anyways, in the end I went with something simple, since the the teardrops standout on their own. I still have a ton of these left over though. I could make maybe two more depending on the length, if anyone is interested. Now I'm working on a pair of earings inbetween school and other social activies. I'm trying out of a musical tonight, The Producers. I just want a small part, nothing too big. In other news, I sold that bracelet I posted a few days ago. True it was to my aunt, but still I made around $20, that will most likely go back into beads or books which ever comes first.

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