Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Peak into the Madness.

Remember these?

Normally I don't post pictures of WIP, that means Work In Progress, mostlly because I tune out everything around me and focus on the piece and then forget to take photos.  But I needed a break from chem and broke out the bag and started to play around with them. The bright colors are fun and playful and the teardrop shape is prefect for a necklace or charm bracelet or earring...I guess everything, the teardrop is very versatile shape. Perhaps I will make a set? Thought overload, better go back to school work.

perhaps some type of drop necklace. hmmmm
playing around with patterns

maybe a flower? But its more spring than fall.
Oh! Also this morning I had Cherries Jubilee tea; which smelled exactly like the dessert but the taste on the other hand was not very cherry, I mean I'm glad it didn't tast like cough medince but I guess I was expected something else when I picked it out.

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