Friday, August 17, 2012

My Surrogate Family

 Meet the three fluffballs that make my life crazy. Oreo-the "I run into walls" mutt-, Mamma Mia-the lovable Pit Bull-, and Chen(French word for "dog")- the bichon frise that doesn't act like a lap dog but a guard dog. Mamma and Oreo are rescue dogs; Both my mom and I have sucker tattooed on our forehead. But as insane as they might be, I love them to death and I would never let anything happen to them. To always show my love for my dogs I created this bracelet. Three different bones for my three very different dogs.
 On a side note, why is it so hard to find clasps that match the wire that you are working with?! I'm always trying to find claps that match.

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