Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm back and now I'm gone, again.

Well, I was back home from my trip to Chicago for about 14 hours and then I got to load up the car and drive three hours to State College to get ready for my fall semester.

Right, back to the trip: After getting into the hotel we headed out to get deep dish Chicago pizza. We ended up at Gino's East of Chicago off of Michigan Ave. This place is so cool. You can write on the walls, the booths, chairs...o.k really anything in the place. Plus the pizza really good too. Afterwards we walked around Michigan Ave before going back to the hotel. I spent a good half hour drooling in Tiffany and Co. I'm such a girl but maybe they shouldn't use those really cute minty blue boxes.

The next day we were going to the science muesum. Wich is the reason that we planned this trip in the first place. But breakfast first!
I had blueberry tea, it wasn't as good as the tea I had up in Maine but it was decent. I also took an English Breakfast because the package was neat. It has a tophat on it! plus it uses cuppa instead of cup.
Food wise I had a cinnamon and sugar bagel with strawberry cream cheese.
 We got lost trying to the muesum, no shock there. But once we found it, it was awesome! Three floors of science, plus the mythbuster's exhibition. I can't go in everything that I saw that day(this would be a very long post then) but there was a tesla coil, which made my day. I <3 Tesla. Also there is a Nazi submarine in the basement. I know Nazi, but we own it now.

Afterwards, we head outside the city to Uncle Fun. I metioned this in an early post, but now I'll go into greater detail and show you what I got that day. Uncle fun is one of the best places on earth. They have a great selection of hard-to-find new and vintage novelties and a staff that is an absolute pleasure to be around. I'm an especially big fan of their selections of the random charms and other small items that differ every time I go there - all at super cheap prices. It's great for jewerly making, if you're into using vintage items and mixing it up a bit.

My stash: A bag of copper beads for $2.
                 A bad of neon plastic teardrop charms also for $2, I'm think a using them in a necklace.
                  2 dice
                  A plastic scotty dog charm.
                  Hot dog and hambuger charms.
                  3 plastic babies
                  Yellow and purple army men, most likely I'm going to using in earrings.
                   2 frame charms: teapot and the king of clubs.
                   A pin that says "I'd rather be British."
                     ...And I think that's it, Oh my mom got a chicken purse, I don't have any photos but be free to use your imagination.

Dinner that night was at "The Purple Pig". We had to wait for an hour but it was well worth it. I had octopus with green beans, fingerling potatoes & salsa verde; it was yummy.


And for desert... A Sicilian Iris which is a ricotta and chocolate chip filled fried brioche. It tatsed like a deep fried cannoli.
That's a summary of my trip, now I'm back in school. I'll try to keep posting my jewerly and other things. But I'm going to be busy. I'm taking both Bio and Chem this term.

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