Thursday, October 11, 2012

HvZ, no place is safe

I was wrong HvZ starts today...I am now a sock throwing, Nerf wielding  paranoid infiltrator running to all my classes. And just now that entire sentence didn't make sense to any of you. So a run down is need. Behold HvZ:
Humans vs. Zombies is a massive, campus-wide game that simulates a zombie outbreak. The game starts off with one original Zombie (the OZ), who can tag any participating Human player and turn them into a Zombie. Zombies are given an allotted amount of time to tag all the Humans, or else they starve and are out of the game.
HvZ kicks off with a "pregame", which simulates the rapid spread of the virus before anyone realizes what's going on. From the first day on, all players wear green armbands on their left arms. The Original Zombie moves among the Humans as a silent-but-deadly killer. He/she tags as many Humans as possible. Once tagged, a Human becomes a Zombie in 15 minutes. Be careful, these Zombies aren't slow and ambling. They're lean, mean, killing machines, and they will stop at nothing to feed on flesh.
The Humans fight to fend off their attackers, armed only with balled-up socks and marshmallows. This immerses players in an environment which emulates the shock and surprise of a real outbreak in which people see random others acting strangely. Like your favorite movie characters (who pick up baseball bats, rocks, chainsaws, or anything to protect themselves) our players throw socks and marshmallows to mirror the early outbreak experience. When Zombies are hit, they are stunned for 15 minutes, giving the Human just enough time to get away. At the end of Pregame, all Zombies (including the OZ), don their orange headbands to denote their Zombie status. After Pregame, Humans are allowed to add Nerf blasters to their arsenals, although several players have been known to survive without them. The Zombie Horde is now in full force, and every hour is a struggle. News of the outbreak has finally spread, and Humans must fight to survive.There are 3-4 missions a week that force Humans outdoors in order to complete specific objectives. These can include: scavenger hunts, seek-and-destroy missions, escort missions, defense missions, and infestations. Missions are prime times for Zombies to hunt and both sides must work as teams in order to outsmart or overpower their opponents.The game can end in three different ways. The Zombies could be successful in turning all the surviving Humans into Zombies; the Humans could be successful at remaining safe and starving off all the Zombies; or time could run out for everyone. Human never win. And that's basically it, its really just a completed game of tag.
Now this year we have a Mass Effect theme.( Mass Effect is an awesome video game, if you don't know then Google it.) Which is why I'm an infiltrator. Not by choice, cause if I had choice I so would have picked vanguard. Anyways babbling again and I think this is the long post that I written so far and it's not even about jewelry.  
Oh wait it is! If you read my long babble about zombies then...I'm getting more of the flame headpins to make more earrings to sell! I will be posting on Facebook when I'm selling them and also here, so stay tuned and I will not try to get turn into the living dead. (Most likely will though.)

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  1. Love your post! Games sounds like fun, and right on time for Walking Dead season to return! Can't wait to see your headpins and earrings!