Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Fest 2012

Happy( err....Early) Halloween, my most favorite holiday of the year. I mean come candy! But on a serious note, sort of, I also enjoy the history surrounding it, and the dark, horror elements as well.  But I'm not going to bore you with that. Moving on to the fun stuff:

 This is a Halloween charm bracelet that I made for my mom, because she is awesome and will buy me beading supplies but only if I make her something, fair trade. But charm bracelets are easy, fun but easy. So I made something else... Vampire Bite Necklace!

Guys is there anything on my head?
 Spider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right so this isn't my work, it's my mom's; she's one hell of a knitter. Remind me to post my candy button scarf she made me. Anyways, check out what other people did for October (Though I should warn you the list is very long):

Host Toltec Jewels    
Heather Otto           
Mischelle Fanucchi  
Marlene Cupo         
Shaiha Williams         
Shelly Graham Turner 
Shelly Joyce             
Charlie Jacka
Margareta Saari       
Marita Suominen      
Lisa Posthumus        
Jeannie Dukic             
Cheri Reed               
Arlene Dean             
Duffy Blevins            
Susan Kennedy        
Dita Basu                 
Sonya Ann Stille       
Audrey Allen            
Kashmira Patel         
Kathy Lindemer       
Kris Mattingly          
Lennis Carrier          
Shannon Hicks         

Karin Slaton             
Shirley Moore          
Alicia Marinache      
Valeria G. Rome      
Zoe Marcin             
Carolyn Lawson      
Kimberly Booth       
Sherri Stokey          
Tanya McGuire         
Debbie Rasmussen   
Christine Stonefield   
Tanty Sri Hartani       McGriff        
Renetha Stanziano    
Evelyn Shelby           

Colene Waltermire    
Lee Nova                  

(P.S I have I no idea why it went crazy towards the bottom of the list.)


  1. Zoe, that vampire bite necklace is fantastic! I love it. Like everything else, but I love that one! Great job.

  2. LOL - this is such a charming post! I love all the pieces you have posted: from the bracelet, to the vampire necklace to that funny spider :)

    P.S. Please, please take that captcha off - it took at least 3 tries (I edited the comment at the 3rd one)

  3. I love the spider on top of the hat...
    great bracelet.

  4. Your Vampire Bite necklace is so cute.

  5. Hi, Love that piece! Can you send me your email so i can send you the hop list for the Ears to You hop? Thanks! copperdiem (at)

  6. I really love your charm bracelet, I just love dangles. EEEWWWW a spider, what a great job your Mom did.

  7. Very cute halloween charm bracelet, love it.

  8. Such a fun charm bracelet, Great bite necklace & adorable hat!!

  9. Wild! Happy Season! I had to take Rita to ER. She will comment asap.thanks, Lee

  10. I like all the things you made for this hop, but I have to say the "Vampire Bite" necklace is my fav! LOVE!

  11. Sorry I had to have unexpected surgery (man!) and couldn't comment on your and everyone's post right away. What a cool Halloween bracelet you created!! Zoe, I LOVE it! The pearls are lovely and elegant too, and wow, your mom is a tremendously gifted knitter!! Way cool spiders and hat! I want to learn to knit .... :)

    I don't seem to have your address but want to send out fun stuff since YOU WON PRIZES!! Can you please email me with your mailing name and address with the subject line "October fest winner" to toltecjewels (at) aol (dot) com? Thank you, thank you!!

    Hope you join us all again next year for another October Fest of Fall Fun!