Saturday, October 20, 2012

Show us your hooters owl challenge

Artisan Whimsy offered up this challenge and how could I turn down owls? I have had this lamp work owl for about a year now and haven't done anything with it. So I based the rest of the beads around the colors of the owl and did a leather knotted bracelet. I also added some of the mirage beads.(yeah, I bought more) For  those of you that don't know mirage beads change color, sort of like mood rings, only 20% cooler. Anyways, the winner gets $50 Paypal gift card, so....go vote for me once voting starts on Oct.28th. I don't have a chance though, everyone's work is adorable. Link:                                                     

Here's my entry:


  1. Very cute! I like the colors. Who made the owl?

    1. I got it a year ago in a local bead shop.

  2. Love the owl! -And do I see a mood bead on that bracelet? Very cute...

  3. omg that owl bead is to die for!!!!