Monday, October 1, 2012

Get Smart (Tea)

 Happy Early Birthday to me! I hope the tea works, though I'll drink it anyways. \^.^/ Also mom brought me homemade pumpkin donuts with spinkles. Yummy!
Sorry, if I sound extremely exicted and hyper in your head while you read this, it's just that it's the first day of my favorite month, October. So many things coming up: my birthday, Urban Gaming Club's HvZ (Humans vs Zombies), a couple of blog hops are due and of course Halloween! I <3 October!
 This weekend I also recived a necklace from my parents. It's an octopus that's made from a fork. I wish my skills were this good. Oh well, practice, practice, practice. (Also I'm not allowed a blow torch in the dorms, I wonder why? ;p)


  1. Happy birthday, Zoe! Hope it was a blast... donuts and gifties help, right?

  2. My birthday is the 4th, but thank you anyways ^.^

  3. First of all, happy early birthday! I can understand why you're so excited about October; my birthday isn't for another month, but I LOVE October, too ^.^

    That necklace you got is so AMAZING! I definitely want it (but what jewelry DON'T I want?). Lol