Friday, October 5, 2012

Prometheus's flame

In Greek mythology, Prometheus was the creator of mankind. The goddess Athene taught him architecture, astronomy, mathematics, navigation, medicine, and metallurgy, and he in turn taught them to humans. Zeus, the chief of the Greek gods, became angry at Prometheus for making people powerful by teaching them all these useful skills. When the gods chose Prometheus as arbiter in a dispute, he fooled the gullible Zeus into picking the worst parts of the sacrificial bull by hiding them under a rich layer of fat. To punish Prometheus, Zeus withheld fire from men. "Let them eat their flesh raw," he declared. In response, Prometheus, snuck up to Mount Olympus, lit a torch from the sun, and hid a burning piece of charcoal in a hollow stalk. He slipped away with it and thus delivered fire to mankind.
Is my history geekness showing yet? Well, I have always had a love of any type of mythology. I tend to use it as a jumping off point for most of the creative things that I do, for instance these earrings.
Side note: the flame head pins are from:

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  1. I love those flame beads! Very cool. Er, uh, hot. Or, sweet... I like 'em!! :)