Friday, November 16, 2012

Caffeine Goddess

Allow me this moment to sing praises to the Caffeine Goddess and all here glory. Because apparently a week before Thanksgiving break means "let's give the students a ton of work due both before and during break." Also I really didn't want to go to class today and I had to finish packing last night because of course I'm going home over break. Most of the time I prefer tea but on days like this I have to pull out the big guns....Coffee. But work will not stop me from being creative, nope. I had some left over random rainbow bead soup(yes that's what I'm calling it) from my birdie necklace, and decide to use it up in a bracelet. Also I was on a roll and finally used the lampwork flower that I got down in Williamsburg,Virginia a year ago. The last one I made during a T.A.R.D.I.S meeting. Also had an interesting talk about chain mail with another member. If any one is interested I can post a link to her Etsy store. Anyways pictures......

I have been making a lot bracelets lately, I think it's time to create some other types. Final note, as I stated earlier I'm going home over break so that means that mostly likely (no guarantees) that I will not be posting anything next week or at least on Thanksgiving. Ohh!!! Something else the highlight of my week: Trying to explain Thanksgiving to my friend from Urban Gaming Club: Rory, who is British.

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