Friday, November 30, 2012

November Giveaway Challenge

Jasper's Gem blog offered this challenge up sometime in October, and I entered not thinking that I would win.(We Marcins tend to have horrible luck.) To my surprise I was one of the lucky 6 to actually win and be part of the challenge. Then I received my pieces: Pink and Sliver. Really!? My two least favorite colors to work with together in one piece. I didn't really mind the sliver it was mostly the pink Swarovski crystal beads, I prefer something a bit more rustic. But that's why they call it a challenge, right? I went though about 3 different design ideas before I came up with one that I liked. 

Genuine Silver Plated Swarovski Crystal Flourish Toggle Clasp - Rose
My final product is Miss Bubbles, I believe that she got into the champagne and that's why she is blowing pink bubbles.

 Anyways head over to Jasper's Gem Blog to see everyone's work. (I might post it on here later):

Also! If you have time stop by Artisan Whimsy         ( and check out everyone's work. There's no voting this time but still everyone has done an amazing job for this challenge. (like always)

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  1. Oh my gosh, how ADORABLE is that!? That's so very creative of you ^.^

    Congrats on your win and your ability to participate in this challenge!