Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Break Wrap Up

New season of MLP:FiM started meaning
 I have to get up early on Saturdays 
Hey I'm back! I was really busy, I believe that my household is the only one in which that the night that you come home, you end up making turkey cookies for your younger brother class, and when you bring them in, the little kids think that you are his mother....I do not look that old! *Cough* Anyways the rest of the holiday when smooth....I can not finish this sentence. Any holiday with my family doesn't go smoothly, but it was nice to see everyone. 

Fun stuff: I had Earl Grey and Lavender infused tea cakes. They were yummy but the earl grey could have been stronger. The only reason that it tasted like earl grey was because I knew it was earl grey.  

I have been working on my portfolio for entrance to Penn State's school of visual arts......I'm going into art education. Thankfully they accept jewelry so that's most likely going to be about half of mine. Here's some of the pieces that I have picked out so far:

                                            Of course I will have to take better pictures of them.......Later.

Also I was working on jewelry, I made two rings that are currently drying at my house.

"Lava Hunter" and Beach Comber" I have to thank Christi Friesen of CF Originals for the idea. I will talk about these in more detail once they are done drying and I'm back Christmas break?

Also new earrings! "Little Hooters" and "Tribal Gears"

Long post this time, thankfully lots of photos. On a final note; come check me out on DA, I just signed up. I'll mostly be reposting my jewelry but also my artwork will be on there as well. 

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