Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole

Have I mentioned that I love Alice in Wonderland? Well I do, perhaps it's the tea or maybe because it's so strange, confusing, insane, and makes no sense in which just just stirs my creative juices; actually tea does that as well. So it's actually a combination of the two. Where was I? Right, new necklace. The focal is from More Sky Jewels:, that I received for my birthday a couple months back. I have been meaning to work with it, but the problem was that I received it drill which at first I liked but then I couldn't come up with a connector that I liked, I ended up just covering it up with a brass link and attaching it. Possibly will be up in my store by tomorrow, I have a math exam tonight, so back to cramming...I mean studying.


  1. really like this piece! I have a few I ordered from Skye Jewels as well - I really lover her pendants

  2. Ooh I love Alice in Wonderland too! I think it does make sense, sort of - just, the sense it makes is all on its own terms, in an abstract and poetic kind of way.

    Most of the books I loved as a child, I now find very hard to read (either badly written, or good but too harrowing - I'm getting soft!) - but some of them, like Alice, just get better and better. - And Ursula le Guin. Have you read Ursula le Guin's Earthsea trilogy? Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    Oh, and Lewis Carroll would definitely have approved of the maths-studying, don't you think? Teaching maths was his day job!